WIP Wednesday — Mondamin Court

About a year ago, I had this idea for a series. It’s set in a quiet neighborhood in Des Moines, though it could easily be any midsized Midwestern series. I know everyone in the neighborhood, what skills they posses and what they own. In each book, an apocalyptic event occurs and the neighborhood must respond. Each novel starts with the same characters in the same time and place, but how each novel plays out is very different.

I love this series for two reasons. The first reason is that most of these characters are not genre cliches. This isn’t a story about how a trained survivalist, ex special forces heroes will survive (or not survive) the apocalypse. It’s about how ordinary individuals with relatively few skills will cope.

The other thing I love is that changing the apocalypse and pressures they face, changes the entire story. Skills that might make someone essential in one storyline, might be a liability in another. Circumstances might force two characters together in one story and keep them apart in another.

In order to make sure the apocalypse isn’t the only drama going on, I’ve created a neighborhood with a fairly diverse cross section of people. A conservative fundamentalist couple lives next door to a lesbian couple. An African American man lives down the street from a racist. An ex-cop lives in one corner, two young men deal pot in another.

I made the marketing decision awhile back to focus more on series. Specifically I want to focus on getting more series done and out. I’ve too many series and possible series up in the air. So I want to have at least three of these Mondamin Court novels done and out before I really start pushing them, or judging their success.

You can read the first novel, Home for the Holidays on Wattpad right now.



Home for the Holidays is about a flu virus that kills over ninety percent of those infected. That means that the lion’s share of my characters simply die at the outset of the book. But it did allow me to put two of the most opposite characters together, which was a blast to write. Zoey Scott is a nineteen year old transgender woman and Darren Thames is a redneck pizza delivery man. When the two are left alone with three young girls to raise, it’s anything but an easy adjustment.

The second Mondamin book is a Zoey and the Zombies. Zombie hordes are threatening Des Moines. All that stands between Mondamin Court and the hordes are an ex cop, a petty drug dealer and a transgender girl with a sword. What could possible go wrong? It’s in editing stages now.

The third installment is my current WIP. I’m barely a few thousand words in, but I tend to be prolific once I get going. Hopefully all three can be close to ready and this series can go on my production calendar for next year.

Mondamin #3? It’s an homage to H. P. Lovecraft. A Fishy End is proving to be a fun book to write and I hope eventually, to read.


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