Do you like reading books for free? Who doesn’t.

Wattpad is a great free site for free books and I have several stories on their website, so go check them out.

My current novel, Zoey and the Zombies is being uploaded onto Wattpad right now.

I also have the second season of my science fiction serial: The Galactic Consortium running currently:


Completed Stories

My first book in the Bear Naked series is up on Wattpad in it’s entirety!

Life with her neo-pagan uncle has taught Amanda to roll with the punches, take life as it comes. Nothing fazes her, not Jay’s new genderqueer lover, not her boyfriend’s overprotectiveness, not even his new pack of foster siblings. But these strange men stalking her would be enough to unnerve anyone, much less the high school student she is. What do they want, and why are they targeting her?

As the school year progresses, so does Amanda’s understanding of family traditions and other cultures . . . cultures she’d not previously been aware existed. For example, her boyfriend’s family are a pack of wolves: literally. Her growing knowledge allows her to break through both personal barriers and physical ones. Will this be enough to stop the evil that has crept into her small town?

Home for the Holidays:

Home for the holidays web

A killer flu sweeps the midwest over Christmas, spread by students returning from college for the holidays. Zoey (Devon) planned to come out as transgender over the holidays. Now she will watch the world collapse around her. Can she find the strength to go on?

Holly Wheatsfield wants to finish her last double shift at the coffee shop and spend a quiet Christmas with her partner Nicky. Collapsing infrastructure, a deadly flu and a bitter blizzard will leave her widowed, homeless and in a fight for her life.

What will happen when Holly Fever comes Home for the Holidays?




My Working Cover*

My Working Cover*

The Galactic Consortium, a science fiction serial about first contact with aliens, is my current work in progress on Wattpad.

You can check out Season One: The Girl in the Tank.

Less than five months ago, lights appeared in the sky. Days later the ships started to arrive. They call themselves the Consortium. They are human, or at least Simian, descending from the same genetic line as humans. They terraformed this planet centuries ago, sent settlers a mere forty thousand years ago. Now they are back, ready to begin the exploration of this galaxy. For Cheyenne Walker, Chief Petty Officer aboard the Cambridge, a USS destroyer, the arrival of the Consortium is just one more obstacle to finishing her final tour of duty and getting home to her kids. The political upheaval forces the US into an uneasy alliance with the Consortium against China, and puts the Cambridge on the edge of a nuclear blast. Cheyenne wakes to find herself aboard the Corelean, a Consortium Medical Evacuation ship. Floating in a medi-tank, she wonders if they really can’t repair the wreck of her body, whether these newcomers are friends or foes and most importantly, will she ever make it back to children?


You can read all of these stories for free on my Wattpad page:



The best part of reading on Wattpad? You can vote and comment on story parts you liked the best! I hope to see you there.



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