Want to Live in a Pod?

These nifty little eco-capsules have crossed my social media stream a couple of times now. In case you didn’t already know this, I am a bit obsessed with the whole tiny house movement anyway. And I’m obsessed with science fiction. So it’s a natural fit for me.

I’m sure the first generation will be well out of my price range. But who knows, maybe I will get richer or they will get cheaper.

I live in a house that is just under 1200 square feet. The Ecocapsule is listed as having 8 square meters, or about 86 square feet. That would be a big drop if I was going to sell my house and move into an eco-capsule, but I am not ready for that big of a commitment.

But I also own a small acreage less than hour drive from town. Something like the eco-capsule would be perfect for a writer’s retreat.

Depending on the price it could also create phenomenal new opportunities for relief efforts. In my Galactic Consortium serial (warning, you won’t get to see this up close for a season or two yet) the Consortium has easily constructed geodesic dome shelters they use for emergency shelters. Like the eco-capsule they have a distinct advantage over tents, trailers or similar shelters in that they are largely self sustaining. A built in sanitation system is a must, poor sanitation leads to the spread of disease after natural disasters.

What do you think? Want to live in a pod? Vacation in one? What about a disaster. If your home was destroyed would you choose a larger, but inefficient FEMA trailer or an eco-capsule?

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