These are the Days

So the other day I was pacing the house about 8:30 pm in a state of agitation. I should have been writing. If not writing, I should have been getting ready for work. I couldn’t do either.

What I was doing, instead, was thinking. I had this image/idea in my brain and it was burning to get out. So I paced and thought.

These are the days I love. Inspiration strikes and it won’t be ignored. Your brain feels on fire and all you can do is to see these images in your head, hoping you can capture enough of their essence for the story to make sense to someone else.

The working title is Ripple. It’s about a shape-shifting energy being and an elderly doctor reliving her halcyon days. Beyond that, all I can do now is ramble. There are scenes that are so strong in my head, other pieces that are just random pieces. It will take time to sort things out. So, I won’t ramble. Instead I will leave you with the Ten Thousand Maniacs “These are the Days” and get back to writing.

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