There’s a bear on my altar


I’ve added a small carved bear to my Lakshmi altar in honor of Bear Naked’s release. As you can see I have all my books on the altar already, along with a small Buddha, a set of prayer beads and a carved Rooster. The rooster symbolizes the traits I need to develop in order to succeed in my writing career.

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and beauty. She governs both spiritual and material success. I pray to her regularly. Believe it or not I am not praying for huge riches, merely enough to make this writing gig to become my full time job. I love writing and I would love nothing more than to devote my life to bringing new stories to my readers.

I have had some success already with my YA stuff, which can be found on my other page, I hope that my fantasy writing does even better. Time will tell. In the meantime you can still pre-order Bear Naked for a discount over at thewordverve and pick up my free short story on this site.

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