The Ten Best Things About Being a Werewolf





Last week I wrote about the ten downsides of being a werewolf/shapeshifter. But there are more positives than downsides, especially in the Bear Naked world. So what are the best things about being a werewolf?

1. Wolves are stronger than humans

A lot of guys want to flex their biceps and try to intimidate you. Secretly you are laughing at all of them, because shifters are much stronger than humans. Bears are the strongest, followed by wolves. Otters are the weakest of the shifters but even they are surprisingly strong. School bullies are a lot less intimidating when you know you can bounce them down the hall if you wanted to.

2. Wolves are faster

Need to be somewhere in a hurry? Go on four feet. Wolves can run long distances without tiring.

3. The healing gift

It takes a lot to put a werewolf down, in large part thanks to the healing gift. Is it science or magic? No one knows for sure. But what we do know is this, take a deep cut to the shoulder and tomorrow it will be little more than a scratch. Even bullet holes will heal over in a fraction of the time.

There are limits, as with everything. Whatever the healing gift is, it’s in the blood. If your blood stops pumping, say because someone shoots a huge hole in your heart, you’re dead. If you lose a limb, you lose a limb.

4. Better sense of smell

Wolves have a remarkable sense of smell. Every tribe has its own unique chemistry and you can learn to identify which tribe a shifter is from by catching his or her scent. You can also follow your pack mates by trailing their scent, useful on long missions.

5. Better vision

Wolves have better eyesight than humans, especially in low light situations.

6. Your Pack

Being part of a pack means someone always has your back, no matter what. It means wherever you go, you have your clique and your family with you. As adults packs work together. Everything is better that way. They share responsibilities and chores. There is always a babysitter around. They share money, allowing them to live decent lives without having to sacrifice everything to their human jobs.

7. Your Tribe

You don’t just have a pack when you are a werewolf, you have a tribe as well. The tribe cooperates on bigger enterprises. You never have to be afraid of getting in over your head because you can always call on your tribe to bail you out.

8. Self defense

Between the healing gift and being stronger than the average human, werewolves don’t have a lot to fear. On top of that, most werewolves have some rudimentary martial arts training. fighting is still important to werewolf culture and a skill not easily forgotten. If all else fails, shift. Wolves have better natural weaponry, sharp teeth and long claws.

9. More interesting lives

What did you do this summer? Did you save a friend’s life this spring? Are you going to spend the summer learning to shift and fight in wolf form? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Werewolves have much more interesting lives that you and I.

10. Kick ass summer camp

Finally on the list of best things about being a werewolf is the Leidulf Wolf Camp. Built deep in the woods in Northern Wisconsin, its the ideal place to train new werewolves. Its a long hike from civilization but an easy distance from the Elder’s camp, where all the big tribal decisions are made. Wolf Camp is no picnic. There are tribal and pack hierarchies to work out. There are challenges, martial arts tournaments and its own unique traditions, like knock downs. The one thing it’s not, is boring.

Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp

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