The Most Important Rule: Keep Learning

My latest project is trying to learn Adobe Indesign. I have half a mind (some would say to stop there) to offer formatting and other technical service to my fellow indie authors. I already know how to do ebooks really well. I can put together a print ready pdf that will pass Createspace’s requirements in LibreOffice (I’ve never gotten Word to do that task) or through Scrivener’s compile menu.

Both options create serviceable books. But serious book designers swear by Indesign. I would have probably checked it out before now, but it’s not a cheap program and I couldn’t really justify it. Unless, I offer book formatting as a service.

How soon might I start offering this service? In a while. I want to redo a few of my older books and see if I can’t get a strikingly better result. Then I might hit up some local writer friends about testing their manuscripts. That’s the real test, isn’t it? Can I take someone else’s messy manuscript and turn it into a pretty book, and still do it in a timely fashion? I don’t know yet.

But as writers, we should always be learning something new. Whether it’s about writing, the process of publishing or marketing, we need to be always learning and growing. That’s my philosophy.


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