The Internet should never let me get bored

Help! I got bored on the internet and it was awful. Awfully awesome, that is.

I found myself searching stock photo sites and downloading the oddest photos I could find, and then turning them into stupid book covers. Now which one should I write the story for? You can comment or vote below.

  1. I fell in love, with a dumbass


Finally a romance that all women can relate to. He’s a nice guy, really he is. He’s much better than the last loser by a long shot. The only problem is, he’s a bit immature. He frequently does stupid shit. Let’s face it, he’s a dumbass.







  1. Jump! A parkour zombie novel.

parkour zombie

Zombies are strong, relentless and feel no pain. But at least they can’t parkour. Or can they?







  1. Karate for Cats

karate for cats

Is you cat tired of being picked on by the other cats? Is he afraid to go out at night because the alley cats always beat him up? Not any more. This six week program will make your cat a lean, mean, meowing machine.







  1. A Purr-fect Mate: A Billionaire Cat Romance.


All Felicia wants out of life is the perfect mate. But nobody gets her, except for her cat, Tickles. When Tickles goes missing, she is distraught. That is until she runs into a mysterious billionaire, Mr. Kohls, Mr. Tie Kohls.







Which cover should I write a story for?

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