Some Hunted Teasers

As we work towards getting Bear Naked 3: The Hunted out, here are a handful of teasers for fans.

The HuntedThis book was multiple points of view, for the first time in the series. The last two books have been from Amanda’s point of view. One of the struggles I had with this book was solved when I realized I needed to tell parts of it from other character’s points of view. I think the book and series is much better for the change and I will continue the next three books to have more points of view.

There are a bunch of new characters. The main events occur far from the packs home territory, amongst the Skinwalkers. The Skinwalkers are the Native American cousins to the werewolf. They have a not entirely friendly relationship with the other tribes.

There will be more revealed about Jay and his gender identity. He’s been vacillating, unsure if he’s merely a feminine boy or a transgender girl. Many, if not most, transpeople knew from a very long age. But not all, and I wanted to create a character that struggled with the decision to transition. Jay’s stubbornly developed his own character and he’s taking his own sweet time with this decision. We all wish him luck.

I will continue to post updates, teasers and tidbits about the novel now until it’s released.

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