October Prep-Mo and Good News for Bear Naked Fans

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

November is Nanowrimo, National Novel Writer’s Month. I am intending to participate again. As more and more writers join the Nanowrimo fun, October has become prep-mo, a period of prepping your Nano project and getting ready to write. What that means depends on the writer. Some do extensive planning, others sketch some notes and are ready to go.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do. I have my third apocalypse novel and it should be finished before the month is out. I have been debating what to do next.

There is one novel that is mostly planned but unwritten, Bear Naked 4: The Wolf Council. With renewed interest in the series now that Bear Naked 3 is out, it’s time to write book four.

The Hunted

Book four covers a relatively short period of time, the council between the werewolf tribes. However there is a lot of action in that short period. I am probably going to end up giving almost every character some POV time. It should be an interesting challenge to write and I am looking forward to starting it.

In the meanwhile you can get the first three in print from the Wordverve or in ebook from Amazon. Check the series out.

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