My Top Blog Posts of 2015

It’s been a good year for my blog. I’ve had several thousand visitors to this website over the year. Thanks to all you readers for stopping by. What were your favorite posts? Here are the top blog posts this year.


Yeah, Scrivener! Part Two: Becoming a Compile Power User.


The top post was something of dark horse. It didn’t get that many views initially, but it slowly gathered more over the year, as people searching for help with Scrivener’s complicated but powerful compile feature stumbled on it. A win for “evergreen” content.


A Digital Expat — and an Answer to Hugh Howey


Not surprisingly, getting mentioned by the likes of Hugh Howey really spikes your traffic.


Shield Maidens, Bell Curves and Strong Women


Written in 2014, this post continues to draw views. Guess people are interested in Viking Women after all.


Ten Problems with Being a Werewolf


Another 2014 post that continues to draw views. I guess it’s true, write a good post and it draws traffic forever.


Ten Adult Dystopian novels now that you’ve read Hunger Games

I’ve always been a big fan of dystopian fiction and there is lots of it out there. My rundown of ten greats attracted a lot of attention.


Free Book: this weekend only

Sorry guys. It was only free that weekend.

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The Hipster’s Bookshelf: Ten books that were (blank) before (blank) was cool

A slightly tongue in cheek post that many people seemed to like.


Ten Music Parodies that are Better than the Original

Another fun post.



Who doesn’t like free stuff. Here is where you can read some of my stuff for free. Enjoy!


Amazon’s BS Machine

Last but not least, a post about Amazon always attracts attention.

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my blog. I will keep writing as long you keep reading! Happy New Year.

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