It’s a Conspiracy, I tell you

My sister has written humorous book about lesbian life. It is called the Dyke Diagnostic Manual. In it she deals with the tricky question of how do you identify and name a group of lesbians.

My sister’s book of humorous insight into lesbian life, drawn from years of personal experience.


After looking throughout nature she decides the best model for lesbian group behavior is geese. They are both matriarchal but have a relatively egalitarian structure. A group of geese is called a gaggle, so a group of lesbians must therefor be named a laggle.


Lately I have been spending more time with fellow writers. I am in three different writing groups that I attend regularly. What do you call a group of writers?


What animal is at times wise and at times foolish? What animal can be dark and mysterious but also loud and raucous? A crow, of course. And what do you call a group of crows? A murder.


But writer’s don’t do anything, they just write about it. So writers can’t be called a murder, we are only a conspiracy.


"A conspiracy of writers" I like the ring to that.

“A conspiracy of writers” I like the ring to that.



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