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Amazon makes it easy to post reviews. They have numerous ways to submit your review. For starters you can find any product on their site and find a button to submit a review. You don’t have to have bought the book through Amazon to review it on their site. However if you did purchase it on Amazon they will flag your review with “verified purchase” so readers will know. How much weight that carries I couldn’t tell you.

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In their quest to get reviews, Amazon Kindle apps will also prompt you to write a review at the end of each book. It can be convenient but sometimes you aren’t ready to review the book. (You want to think through what you are going to say, like a good reviewer.) Or typing on a device keyboard isn’t ideal. You could always post a short, simple review and then come back later on your home computer and edit it to something more substantial.


You can also check your order history under the account tab and see a list of all the books you’ve bought from the site. You can add a review from that list as well.


Search for a book in this box

Search for a book in this box

Once you’ve set up a Goodreads account, search for a book. Once you find the book you are looking for you can click on the box that says “want to read” and edit it to “read.” Or you can simple click on the number of stars you would give the book. Either will add the book to your read shelf. Once you’ve rated a book you will be prompted to “add review.” Click on that and you will be given a text box to write your review. That’s all there is to it.

Add books here

Add books here

A lot of Goodreads veterans get creative with their reviews, adding Gifs and what not. If you are tech savvy, there are plenty of help sites that will tell you how to do that. It’s not necessary.

Other ebook retailers:

While none of the other ebook retailers are invested in reviews the way Amazon is, they all have some sort of button to add a review. And even if the company behind the site doesn’t use the information, they are still valuable to other readers.

Most ebook retailers have some button to make it easy to post a review.

Most ebook retailers have some button to make it easy to post a review.

Book blogging isn’t difficult but setting up a blog is beyond the scope of this article. There are plenty of good resources out there for those that want to set up a blog.


That’s all there is to doing a book review. To recap you should write reviews because it will help you and your fellow readers find the best book. It will also give you a way to contribute to the wider culture of our society.

There are many sites that allow reviews but Goodreads and Amazon are the two that encourage reviews the most, and are the easiest to use. Reviews on other ebook sites are useful and you should consider writing reviews on whatever website that you buy books from.

Writing reviews can be as simple as saying you liked a book or did not. However the most helpful reviews often give some details about why they did or did not like a book. They reference similar books that readers might be familiar with. They help direct other readers towards books they will like and away from ones that they won’t. That means even negative reviews can be helpful, as long as you don’t try to use it as a platform to attack an author you don’t like.

So that’s it. Get out there and write some reviews.

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