Dental Work Update

Those who read this blog regularly will know I had oral surgery yesterday. As such, I will keep this short.

Here is an excerpt from my ongoing Sci-fi serial about the Galactic Consortium.


Bakala slid the plate over to Madsen and returned to the kitchen. The baby on Nicole’s lap fussed and cried. “She’s been teething,” Nicole groused.

Jensen started laughing. “You know I lost four teeth in the blast, hit my head on a stair railing? So when we came on board the healers poked around in there and then stuck these patches or something in there. Said ‘you’ll be fine.’ And off I went. Every couple days they make me open up and they inspect them, or pull them off and replace them. I didn’t think nothing of it, just do what they say, right? So this morning I wake up sweaty, with my jaw aching and drool all over my pillow.”

He paused in telling his story to accept a plate from Bakala. “So I go to the healer and ask what’s up. He’s like, ‘oh, your new teeth are coming in. Once they break the surface you’ll feel better.’ So tell our daughter I know what she’s going through.”


Damn, I wish we had that technology. It would save me a lot of pain and time healing.


Here is my funny story from the dentist:

As they were putting me under, with gas and IV sedation, I kept thinking that I should remember this feeling. It would help me write the character of Cheyenne Walker better, to understand what it’s like to be lost, not sure what’s fully going on.

The problem is that when I came out, all I can remember is thinking about how I should remember what it felt like for writing, but I can’t recall what it felt like. Sigh.

Update: Actually it went really well. I have to give a shout out to Iowa Oral Maxillofacial Surgery for really good work. If you need teeth violently ripped out of your body and you’re in Central Iowa, give them a call. 

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