Nano, Nano…

Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano…


How many of you read that to the tune of Batman?

How many of you are doing Nanowrimo?

It’s here! It’s here!

I am at Icon this weekend, Iowa’s oldest Sci-fi Con. I am having a great time, talking on panels, signing books and just absorbing the atmosphere. Still I have found a little time to get started on my Nanowrimo project, a few hundred words. I am excited to be doing it again this year. I can’t wait to get to some write-ins with my regional group next week.

If you haven’t done Nanowrimo or gone to a science fiction convention, I recommend both go on your bucket list. But then again, I might be biased.


Do you Nanowrimo? How about Octo-Fret-Mo?

I’ve done Nanowrimo for several years now. For those of you who don’t know the acronym Nanowrimo yet, it stands for National Novel Writers Month. Every November writers all over the world gather together and undertake the funnest, most insane challenge you can think of, write a fifty thousand word novel in a month. It’s a blast, even if you don’t manage to complete your novel. For more information, check their official webpage.

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed my own set of Nanowrimo traditions. I’ve decided to create a new acronym and holiday to go along with Nanowrimo. I’m calling it Octo-Fret-Mo. It is when you spend October fretting about the upcoming Nanowrimo.
I spend most of October wrapping up projects, working on back burner projects so that I don’t start a big project too soon and mostly, worrying about what I’m going to write for Nanowrimo this year.
Anyone else Octo-Fret-Mo? Let me know in the comments.
In the meanwhile, if you need to take your mind of your fretting, you can pick up my latest YA novel for free this weekend only. Check it out here.