The Ten Best Things About Being a Werewolf

      Last week I wrote about the ten downsides of being a werewolf/shapeshifter. But there are more positives than downsides, especially in the Bear Naked world. So what are the best things about being a werewolf? 1. Wolves are stronger than humans A lot of guys want to … Continue reading

Ten Problems with Being a Werewolf

          Being a shapeshifter sounds really cool, but as we see in the first Bear Naked book, there are downsides. What are the challenges that face modern day shifters? 1. Clothing Wolf form is differently shaped and sized. Anything you are wearing is probably not going … Continue reading

What’s to come in 2014

As we all journey into 2014, here is a quick update on my writing progress and what is to come. Bear Naked Volume one of the Bear Naked saga is currently available for free on Storycartel if you are interested in checking out the series. If you are coming to … Continue reading

Why the “We’re Drowning in Ebooks” Diatribe needs to stop

According to Forbes we’re drowning in Indie books. The blogosphere has taken up this catch phrase, we’re drowning in ebooks and we’re drowning in ebooks. And those are just in the first page of results on my google search. I could easily find a dozen or more references to the … Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why You Should Write Book Reviews

Having a new book out now, I thought it might be a good time to hint about reviews. Here are ten simple reasons why you should write book reviews. It helps the author sell books. Reviews generate buzz, buzz sells books. Let’s face it, most authors have day jobs and … Continue reading