Shoshone Station #7: Homecoming Out Now!

When Sophia’s sister Shaelynn arrives on Shoshone Station, she finds herself being dragged back to a life she thought she’d left behind, the life of Zach. But what can she do, her mom is dying. Unless Sophia can help her. Kleppie thought he would return to Texas a hero. He’d … Continue reading

A New Short Story From R. J. Eliason

I am part of an anthology! Changeling Ward is a collection of three short stories/novellas from local Iowa Authors. All the stories are fantasy and all are based around the theme of changelings. My story is A Knife in the Dark and it’s set in the Gilded Empire world. (The … Continue reading

Esperanto: What’s the Big Idea behind the International Language?

Esperanto. What is it? Why am I learning it? Should you? Esperanto is a planned language developed by an amateur linguist in 1887. His goal was to create an easy to learn, universal second language. The creator, L.L. Zamenhof was not alone in wanting to do this. The idea of … Continue reading

Shoshone Station #4: Meteors Out Now!

It’s here, the latest episode in my ongoing Sci-fi Serial, The Galactic Consortium. Blurb: Dan Oleson has been chosen to serve as embassy security on Saras Station in the Consortium, but he will soon discover the dangers are of a different type than he’s expecting. Rumors are swirling about an … Continue reading

Four Ways that Terraforming Could Save the Earth

Serious scientist mostly downplay the idea of terraforming another planet. They have two reasons for this, but they seem to miss one important point. So I am going to tell you four ways that terraforming could benefit, or even save, the earth today. But first, the two reasons that scientists … Continue reading