A Quick Update on 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s almost summer. I had the goal at the start of this year to publish four new novels, two YA novels under Rachel Eliason and two fantasy novels under R. J. Eliason. Here’s the quick update.

The Best Boy Ever Made came out towards the end of January and it’s doing nicely. I have had several good reviews and sales are good. A huge thanks to all my YA fans for making that happen.

Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp is out now. It’s just out this month, so I don’t know how it’s going be received yet. You can find it on Amazon and elsewhere or you can hit me up for a review copy as well.

Rosie and The Slenderman is my next YA, hopefully to be released in June. It’s finished and ready for my YA editor.


Bear Naked 3: The Hunter and the Hunted is mostly plotted in scrivener. I hope to start writing soon and I still plan to release it this fall.


One of my big goals last summer was to go through all my older writing and figure out what was worthy of publication and start editing it. I have a few side projects close to ready, but no specific dates for release.


One of the problems with science fiction/fantasy is that most of mine are longer than my YA. Since editing is the lion’s share of the cost of producing a good book, and editors charge by the word, the cost of producing a hundred thousand word fantasy novel is significantly greater than a fifty thousand word YA novel.


The Mage Chronicles, my first epic fantasy and the beginning of a series/world called the gilded empire, is awaiting me having the means to publish it. That means either my writing income or day job income generating the money. It will probably happen, but I don’t know when.


My first novel ever, One Strange Utopia, has made the cut to be published. It’s next on my list of manuscripts to edit. I don’t know when that will be finished.


My critique group is helping me rewrite a short memoir about my trip to Thailand, but as I add more and more to suit them, it’s not going to end up short. Hopefully I can get that into shape before the year is out as well.


I have plenty of other stuff in the pipeline, but nothing that will likely see the light of day in 2014. I have a lifetimes worth of ideas to explore and more keep occuring to me. Time to write and the cost of editing are the primary limitations. So if you have enjoyed reading one of my books and want to see more, let your friends know, write a review, share my page on social media. Word of mouth really is the best publicity and I thank you all a hundred times over for any you’re willing to send my way.

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