A Hunted Sneak Peek

Bear Naked Three: The Hunted is up for preorders here. Here is a sneak peek at the opening scene, from Connor Leidulf’s perspective.

The Hunted

Connor rolled over in his bed and inhaled. He groaned in frustration. There was no way he was going to be able to get back to sleep, not with her scent in the air. It wasn’t fair. Amanda, his alpha mate, was in the next room. Did she toss and turn as he did? Or did she sleep?

Why couldn’t she be in here, with him? She had been staying with them for the better part of winter break, but Mom felt it was inappropriate for the two of them to share a room, since they were both still in high school and not married.

It wasn’t like they were kids. They were seniors. Connor was eighteen and Amanda would turn eighteen this spring. Adults. And they were bonded. What had happened at the end of summer had done it, somehow. They had the alpha bond. Since then, intimacy had become comfortable for Amanda, less triggering. Even though she still couldn’t control her transformation, they could be affectionate, even have sex, without her losing control.

Down the hall a phone rang, the landline. Who calls on the landline?

Maybe it was Mitch or Darren checking in. They were in Idaho somewhere. Unable to continue his winter hunting trips without his friend Carl, Darren had instead found work as a different kind of guide, taking a group of boy scouts winter camping. Mitch had volunteered to help.  The two of them had spent just over a week in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, teaching the kids camping and survival skills.

They had checked in briefly earlier today. They had brought the kids back down and saw them safely on their way home. They intended to go back to the winter camp for one last night, to clean up the site and break down their own camp in the morning and head home.

Connor heard his Dad padding down the hallway, towards the kitchen and the phone. Surely Mitch would have just called the cell?

The thought of Mitch and Darren’s return reminded Connor of his own internal complaining. It wasn’t fair. He’d been so busy with senior year, pack responsibilities and with being named ambassador for next year’s assembly of all the werewolf tribes of the Central United States, Connor hadn’t much time left over for his alpha mate. Not nearly as much as he wanted, at any rate. Then he got a whole week with her right here with him, where she belonged. But Mom didn’t want her sleeping in here.

He groaned again and climbed out of bed. He wasn’t going to sleep for again for awhile. He might as well go see what the call was about.

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the book.

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