5 Things only Writers Can Do

Being a writer is hard work at times, but it does have some perks. There are things you can do, if you are a writer, that non-writers can’t. Here is a short list.

  1. Kill someone.

So I was having a stressful day a while back and thought to myself, why not kill someone. It will help get my aggression out and under control. So I located this total loser who was harassing a gay kid down in some homeless camp in Columbus, Ohio and offed him, just like that. (p.s. Columbus P.D. – I didn’t really. Promise.)

Before you get up in my business about how unethical murder is, it actually was necessary. I had a demigod that needed to send a message to the Queen of the Dead without the other gods knowing. And he took the time to find a real scumbag, too, so he kind of did the world a favor.

Needless to say, if a non-writer attempts to murder someone, or talks too openly about the desire to murder someone, it tends to lead to awkward talks with local authorities and often some non paid vacation time at a spa not of your choosing. Best to suck it up and not murder people. Nuff said.

  1. I’ve been male, female and transgender.

I’ve also been an elf, a dwarf, old, young, tall, short, you name it. Writers get to live out multiple identities and lives. I’ve been a computer hacker, loved a trans man with all my heart and came into my power as a great mage.

Writers, if they want to do these things well, need to read a lot. They need to study other people’s lives and experience with an open mind, attempting to put themselves in the shoes of the people around them. It’s actually a really great exercise for anyone to do, and I think it’s one of the great perks of being a writer.

  1. They can save a life.

Yeah, I know, doctors and nurses get to do that, too. Sometimes EMTs and even random people get to be a hero and save a life. It’s an incredible feeling.

But those people spend years learning what they’re doing. They work in stressful jobs. And here’s a dirty secret from a nurse to you, you can’t save them all. And it really sucks.

So why get dirty and risk failure? Writers save lives all the time, without the years of training and risks associated with a medical career.

  1. They build entire worlds.

“What are you doing?”

“World building.”

God, it’s great to say that. For years I was told that I was daydreaming and I should stop and pay attention. I was taught to feel shame for having this beautiful creative mind.

I am glad I outgrew that. Now I love being a creative person. I love that I get to create complete worlds in my mind, and then share them with others. It’s my second favorite part of being a writer.

  1. Writers inspire others.

Are you feeling jealous? Want to know what it’s like to kill with impunity, or to hold a life in your hands and save it instead? Wondered what it would be like to live among the stars in some space station or in a world where magic exists?

Writers have a fifth super power and it’s my favorite thing about being a writer, by far.

We can take you with us.

Writers don’t just build world and explore new identities and experiences, we share them with our readers. To me, that’s the greatest thing about being a writer. I love seeing someone’s eyes light up when I tell them a story in person. I love it when beta-readers or reviewers are as invested in my characters as I am. That’s when I know that the world I’ve created in my mind has taken root elsewhere, in another’s mind.

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