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Shoshone Station #9: Asha-Tanga


Asha-Tanga, the soul purification, is a week long festival in the Consortium, unlike anything on earth. It commemorates the last Vatari wars and the beginning of the Consortium itself. It blends religion and history. But for many, it’s a party. A week of fruit juice fasting, psychedelic herbs and dancing. Its Christmas, the Fourth of July and Carnival rolled together.

But this is not just any Asha-Tanga. This is the first Asha-Tanga in a new galaxy. And Saras is the place to be for it.

For Jake King, he didn’t think much about the partying when he accepted Chatura’s invitation to come, with his entire family. They haven’t had a real family vacation in years, but how will they deal with this?

For Zeta the new regulation on Medical Eggs has brought the whole squid issue bubbling to the surface. But she’s supposed to be speaking about US/Consortium relations, not this. Should she defying her boss yet again?

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Other Books by R. J. Eliason

R. J. Eliason has multiple books out, the Bear Naked Series, an epic fantasy, an introduction to the world of the Gilded Empire and a post-apocalyptic novel, Children of a New Earth. They are available from all major online retailers.

A Fishy End



Mondamin Court is a quiet block in a typical Midwestern city. That is until Rick, Ryan and Kyle return from a Red Cross mission to the South Seas worshiping the ancient Cult of Dagon. Holly Wheatsfield sees Dagon itself, and begins to go mad. Zoey transfers from the state university to Miskatonic and a distant relative to Dr. Herbert West appears on the block. And nothing will be typical once the action starts.

Mondamin Court is a typical lower middle class neighborhood in a midwestern city. The people are a cross section of normal Americans. Each book starts with the same setting and characters but they face a different apocalyptic scenario.

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holly-feverZoey one

Girl in the Tank one glow

The Hunted

Bear Naked 3: The Hunted. Available for preorder now.

Children of a new earth, front

Children of a New Earth


The Mage Chronicles

The Mage Chronicles

Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp

Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp

Bear Naked

Bear Naked

Bear Naked one is part of a boxed set with two other fabulous authorsBear Naked one is part of a boxed set with two other fabulous authors


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  1. a friee says:

    I loved Run Clarissa Run… If only

  2. Hello,

    I am producing a new event in Des Moines on Saturday and Sunday, May 16 & 17, 2015. It’s called “Times of Future Past” and it is a history/cosplay style event with stage entertainment, music, lane characters, costume & make-up seminars, historical dance seminars and a village full of merchants.

    Our current plan is to include several Iowa authors in our Literary Hall – a place where our patrons can meet and talk to writers, purchase books and have them signed and to sit in on a presentation by the authors where they talk about their inspiration and their writing and publishing journey.

    Would you be available on May 16 & 17, 2015 and do you have any interest in joining us?

    Feel free to contact me.

    Lynne Melssen
    Times of Future Past
    515-314-5189 – cell

  3. Terry Pellman says:

    Would love to be there – already took vacation & way to far

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